Zoom G1on and B1Xon Guitar Bass Multi Effects Pedal

How to set up the Zoom G1on guitar effects pedal.

The first thing to do is update the firmware to version 1.21. Updating the firmware on the zoom g1on guitar effects pedal is easy when you know what to do.

zoom g1on guitar effects pedal Firmware Update

zoom g1on guitar effects pedal Firmware Update

Zoom are a little vague on details, so here goes.

Unplug the zoom g1on guitar effects pedal from ‘Everything’. This includes the power cord and all cables that can plug into it.
Now push the ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ patch controls together at the same time. Make sure you push the ones on the control and not the foot switches.
Finally, plug in the USB while holding down the patch select buttons. You should see ‘Ready for update’ in the display screen.
That’s it. Now start the software update program.
Once it is finished updating, unplug the USB cable and reboot the G1. You should see ‘Version 1.21.

Here is the Video for the Zoom G1on


List of  drum/rhythm patterns. There are 65 drum loops and 5 or so metronomes to use. They cover the 4/4, 3/4 and 5/4 time signatures. Any other time signature should be available with a speed adjustment.

Zoom G1on Rhythm Patterns

Zoom G1on Rhythm Patterns

Here is the list of Effect Pedal Simulators available on the Zoom G1on Multi Effects Pedal. – G1on Pedals

Zoom G1on effects sample

Zoom G1on effects sample



List of Patches.

Here is the list of built in effect patches. G1on Patches

More patches to fiddle with in your spare time. – guitarpatches.com

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More to come.

Looping on the Zoom G1on Guitar Effects Pedal for Beginners.

Here is a little hack for all you loopers out there. If your loop function is limited and you can’t get all your verse or chorus into the loop, you can play it at a higher speed and transfer it to your PC to slow it down to your normal speed. Then you can play it back through the AUX in the pedal and jam along to it.

This pedal is eventually going into an electric guitar just for the hell of it. I’ll be taking it apart and rearranging the controls and screen so it can be used on the guitar. I might even add a control cable so I can go up and down the patches as needed. I think it is going to be an absolutely over the top project that is right up my alley. The Zoom G1on only cost $100 AU, so not too much to worry about if I break it.