Hacked Wiring

Link to the SVG file you can open in InkScape GuitarWiring.svg Link will open in a new window. If you want to save it just right click and ‘save as’.  

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Guitar effects Artec QDD2 distortion

Artec QDD2 Guitar Effects from Boost to Distortion. The Artec QDD2 the best onboard Guitar Effect you can get for the money. $20 is all it costs, and with a few tools and an afternoon, you’ll have your own Onboard Guitar Effects. It took me about 2 hours to put this pedal into my guitar. […]

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Existing Guitar Wiring

Checking your guitar wiring. I bought this artist guitar because the price was right, theĀ  existing guitar wiring had nothing to do with the purchase. And not having preconceived ideas of how it would play or what it would sound like. It was a very pleasant surprise when I got it home and plugged it […]

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