Printable Radius Gauge

Printable Radius Gauge.

Printable Radius GaugeHere is a gauge made up in InkScape®. You can click to open a new window and show the printable radius gauge pdf. Then you can save it or print it. If you wish to use it on your own site, please contact guitarhack and we will try to assist you.

Once you have your Printable Radius Gauge for your guitar neck on a piece of paper. Cut it out and glue it to either a steel ruler or a flat piece of timber or metal. File down to the radius markings and presto! You have your own.

This gauge is used for many different applications. Use it the check the profile of your guitar neck and test if you have a Standard or Compound Neck Radius. Place the gauge at both ends of the guitar neck and check what radius they are. If they are different you have a compound neck. Compound necks are the hardest to work with. They require very precise shaping and even more precise fret bends. If you put a fret in that has a flatter bend than the neck as you move along, you’ll have frets that want to pop up at the ends. This is common on a lot of guitars. Even high end models. If they’re not the same shape they may lift up.

Other uses for the printable radius gauge.

Another is setting up your bridge saddles. You can quickly raise or lower the bridge to suit your radius exactly before you even adjust the height of the string action.

They can also be used to check the nut. Once your strings are in the nut and you know the curve of the neck, place the gauge on top of the strings. They should all be touching or very, very close. This saves time getting the nut slots accurate.

Other file downloads for printable radius gauge.

There is also an Printable-Radius-Gauge.SVG file to download and print directly from your computer if you want to install InkScape® the free design software I use on all my drawings.
Another is a Printable-Radius-Gauge.PNG file for photoshop or similar.

If there is anything else you would like in the file just get in touch here or on YouTube®. Enjoy using your FREE Printable Radius Gauge and have fun setting up your guitar.