Guitar Fret Leveller DIY

Adjusting truss rod with fret leveller

Make your own Guitar Fret Leveller for $10 Using a few bits from Bunnings and a file can make a good guitar fret leveller for under $10.  Firstly take a trip to your local Bunnings or somewhere you can get your hands on Aluminium Extrusion. You’ll need square tubing with a lip down on side. […]

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Changing Guitar Headstock

DIY hack – Guitar Headstock Shape and Logo. Guitar Headstock Shape It’s pretty easy to change the shape of a guitar headstock.  While the only consideration is the string direction across the head.  I wanted the strings to remain as straight as possible through the nut to the machine heads.  Because the original fender style has […]

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Existing Guitar Wiring

Checking your guitar wiring. I bought this artist guitar because the price was right, the  existing guitar wiring had nothing to do with the purchase. And not having preconceived ideas of how it would play or what it would sound like. It was a very pleasant surprise when I got it home and plugged it […]

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