Guitar Hacking Modding

How to Guitar Hacking, Modding for Electric and Bass Guitar.

Here you’ll find info on how to hacking guitars. The same principals apply to Bass Guitars as well and I plan on hacking one of them soon. :)

Guitar Hacking DIY - Pickguard Cavity

Guitar Hacking DIY

Nothing is off limits as I cut, chop and mod my way through alternative ideas and crazy guitar layouts. All in the name of ‘what if’.  Just because it can be thought of doesn’t mean it will work.  But I guess I won’t die wondering.  So if your interested in seeing a grown man cry at the destruction and waste he has created, then stick around.  I’m sure you’ll see something inspirational that you must have and also get the knowledge to ‘do it yourself’.

The main thing about DIY modding is that there is no book on the subject.  Every Mod is different and produces a different result. There are books on rewiring and setting up your guitar, but they’re very generic and don’t allow for much in the alternative way of thinking. People like Joe Gore and Don Bray are really messing with the norm as far a wiring goes and sharing what they create. Others like Herb Kinman and Will Gelvin are changing the pickup scene completely.  Both have multiple patents for their ideas. All because they were finding out how they worked and how they could be improved.  Hacking is fun, and these people that are changing how we interact with our guitars because of it. And you can too.

Should you be Guitar Hacking and Modding?

Well, Modding is not for the faint hearted. I’ve wrecked a lot of stuff over the years. But, as time passes and ideas pop up,  the tools come out and it all begins again. You’ll need a basic ‘know how’ of Soldering and electrical + and – knowledge.  A lot of patience is needed along with discipline. Having a room full of crap is not worth much. But having an item that screams quality is worth a lot. I know I would prefer to have one great guitar rather than 4 crap ones. Something I can be proud of and not afraid to hang on the wall.   Another quality to have is creativity.  Being a little bit creative will help you stand out from the crowd.  Thinking outside the sound box can reap great rewards. This is not a career that will provide for your family. But, who knows, you might end up a professional luthier!

So if your into Guitar Hacking and Modding take a look around.