Guitar Hacking Files

Guitar Hacking

Here are the Guitar Hacking Files you will want to get started. All the files needed or available here will be created in free to use programs. These will include everyday programs like a standard browser to view PDF files and Free Drawing Programs like InkScape. Inkscape is used to edit the overview of guitar hacking files. Inkscape will always be used for future electronics layouts and wiring diagrams.

Download a Guitar Hacking File.

Guitar Hacking Files - Overview
Overview File – Click to download

The first file available is the Overview File. You can right click and ‘save as’ or let it open in a new tab. This is the first file in the Guitar Hacking Catalogue. And over the coming days, weeks or months the list will continue to grow. If you find yourself making alterations to the files and want them shared. Just flick them to me and I’ll upload them back into the Guitar Hacking Files Catalogue.


The overview Guitar Hacking file.

This file has some things you might want to design your own strat type guitar. On the left are all the individual components to build your guitar on paper. This can be a good tool for those wanting to see how your guitar will look. Additional Guitar Hacking Files do not have as much detail and complexity within the SVG file. People say the file is slow to load and jitters as you scroll. This is fairly normal for a complex file like this. If the Guitar Hacking File is slow, you can remove the images. Hide or delete the Body Copy Layer or Body Outline Layer and the file will respond much faster.

In the overview file I have included a couple of extra pickups to allow different variations and layouts.  Future designs will only need the body and neck of the guitar to change to convert it into a different style of guitar. The wiring will constantly change to accommodate some of the crazy ideas I have.

More Guitar Hacking File!

     InkScape   Free Vector Graphics program


Headstock Logo SVG format