Guitar effects Artec QDD2 distortion

Artec QDD2 Guitar Effects from Boost to Distortion.

The Artec QDD2 the best onboard Guitar Effect you can get for the money. $20 is all it costs, and with a few tools and an afternoon, you’ll have your own Onboard Guitar Effects. It took me about 2 hours to put this pedal into my guitar. That was after I found all the necessary bits needed, like. New control knob, Wires, Battery holder and Battery Clip to hold it in position.

The first thing is where are you going to put it. I wanted it to look as stock as possible and not spoil the look of the guitar. Luckily the guitar I chose had a nice sized back plate and cavity that everything fit into. So adding an extra knob to the front in between the existing ones worked well. If yours has no room under the existing cover, then see if you can make it larger and put a new cover over it. Or you could make a completely new cavity in your guitar for the distortion effect like the Gibson Rhythm/ Treble switch on LP’s.

Next was drilling the new hole. Careful measuring is needed to get it perfect. Anything less than perfect will ruin the stock look. So I used 2 straight edges to get the hole perfectly centred. Drilling was easy. I just had to use a sharp drill bit and drill it from the front. If you drill from the back there is the chance of splinters breaking off as you come through the front. Check the size of the hole you need. The Artec QDD2 guitar distortion effect has an 8.69mm shaft. Most pots are 7mm so you’ll need a 9mm drill bit.

Powering The Artec QDD2.

Artec QDD2 Guitar Effect Wiring Instructions

Artec QDD2 Guitar Effect Wiring Instructions

The next item is the power. This comes from a 9v battery that you wire to the Bat+ and Bat- connection points. Use enough wire so that the battery can be easily changed without removing anything. If the battery does not fit inside the cavity, you could buy an independent case that inserts into the guitar body. Then run the wiring to the Guitar Effects.

QDD2 Guitar Effect Wiring Diagram in SWF Format

Now the fun bit! The Artec QDD2 Wiring and testing.

The best way to do it would be to make sure the guitar effects get the strongest signal. The only way to do this is to run directly off the pickup selector. Find the output of the pickup selector. This is usually the middle wire on the selector that runs to the volume pots centre connector. De-solder it from the pickup selector and connect it to the output on the QDD2. Now run a wire from the pickup selector output to the QDD2 input. Don’t forget to earth it with a ground wire from the volume pot casing to the negative on the QDD2.
Now run a wire from the Bat+ and Bat- on the QDD2 to the 9v battery.

Once it’s all wired up you can test it. Make sure the volume and tone controls still work. Then fiddle with the Artec QDD2 Guitar effect to see if it functions properly.