How to install stainless steel frets

Three types of frets

Do you want stainless steel frets? Follow this tutorial to see how easy it is to install Stainless Steel Frets. They have a few advantages over normal alloy varieties. The main reason for upgrading them is durability followed by feel. They are at least twice as hard as normal frets and should last almost as […]

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Hacked Wiring

Link to the SVG file you can open in InkScape GuitarWiring.svg Link will open in a new window. If you want to save it just right click and ‘save as’.  

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Fix Floyd Rose String Slipping and Breaking Forever !!!

Floyd Rose String Slip Problems When changing strings on a Floyd Rose string slip is the most common problem. This usually happens when changing the string to a lighter gauge. It can also happen when pulling up on the whammy bar and placing more tension on the strings. They don’t always snap, but slip out of the slot […]

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DIY Remove Frets without Damage

stainless steel frets on guitar neck

What’s the best way to remove frets without Damage The best way to remove frets out without damage is to protect the fingerboard as much as possible. And the only way to do that is to lift your frets first to get something under them. I’ve been removing frets this way for many years with complete success. […]

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Guitar effects Artec QDD2 distortion

Artec QDD2 Guitar Effects from Boost to Distortion. The Artec QDD2 the best onboard Guitar Effect you can get for the money. $20 is all it costs, and with a few tools and an afternoon, you’ll have your own Onboard Guitar Effects. It took me about 2 hours to put this pedal into my guitar. […]

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