Fix Floyd Rose String Slipping and Breaking Forever !!!

Floyd Rose String Slip Problems

When changing strings on a Floyd Rose string slip is the most common problem. This usually happens when changing the string to a lighter gauge. It can also happen when pulling up on the whammy bar and placing more tension on the strings. They don’t always snap, but slip out of the slot between the bridge and the string retaining block. Once they do it’s a bugger to get them back in and holding firm.


When trimming your guitar strings to fit, cut them nearer to the ball end. that way, when you cut the string leaving the wrap around on the end, you get more gripping power from the retaining block. As is shown in the video. If you cut the string and remove the wrap completely you have nothing to grip onto. This will be even more so, if you change to a lighter and thinner string.

Changing to lighter strings on your Floyd Rose.

When you change to lighter strings your Floyd Rose String Slip will be even greater. The reason is that over time the retaining block and string guide develop grooves from holding the strings. Now if you pulled out the string guide and retaining block you would see indentations on both of them. They may no be very noticeable but are there nonetheless. The high B and E strings are the most affected because they are so thin. Sometimes as thin as .009 or .008 of an inch. Leaving the wrap on the end of the string will make it thicker and rippled. Being thicker with the ripple texture will eliminate the Floyd Rose String Slip Forever!

Fix Floyd Rose

How to Fix Floyd Rose

Floyd rose bridges are notorious for being hard to live with. Even changing strings is a pain because of all the bits and pieces that have to be removed to get the strings off. Then there’s getting the new one’s on. Check out the new Floyd Rose Here.