Blocking Guitar Tremolo DIY

Whammy Bar or Guitar Tremolo Blocking – Easy How To

How to block your guitar tremolo to keep your guitar in tune and make it easier to setup. This is on a Floyd Rose Type but also works on Fender Standard and other Trems.

How to Block your Guitar Tremolo

Turn your guitar over and open the the back cover. Usually there are 6 screws holding the tremolo cover in place. It’s important to leave the guitar in tune so the tremolo block is at the right position. Now measure the gap from the tremolo to the guitar body. Find something hard to fit in the gap. Wood is the usual choice. But if you don’t have a piece of wood that fits, you can use just about anything. Plastic, Paper or rubber. As long as it is hard and won’t squash.

Guitar Tremolo Gap that needs to be Filled

Area that needs to be blocked on a Guitar Tremolo

If the wood is a little bit small you could glue paper to it to make it thicker. The reason I say ‘Glue the paper is because when you pull up on the tremolo all pressure on the block is lost and the paper could move.

Once you have the block firmly in place, loosen the screws that hold the spring bracket in place. You only need to loosen them a couple of turns. This will let the trem push back against the timber block and hold it in position. Make sure there is enough tension on the springs so they don’t rattle and cause micro harmonics that will travel into your pickups and give you weird ringing sounds.

Some people use the Guitar Tremolo to pull up while the block is in place. If you do this and the blocking moves and gets stuck in a way that alters the tuning. You could glue it or screw it in place. A better option could be to double sided tape it into position so no marks are left inside the guitar.

Lastly, screw the spring cover back into position and enjoy a Axe that stays in tune.

Next tip will be stopping string slipping from your Floyd Rose guitar tremolo.