About GuitarHack.com.au

About GuitarHack.com.au

About GuitarHack.com.au.

Hi All,

I’m MikMech. I’ve played guitar on and off since about 1974. In that time I’ve had to restring, setup and repair most of my guitars. I’ve usually done this out of necessity due to having no money or experimenting as fiddling with stuff was always fun. Having a few minor successes has spurred the passion even more.

Repairing guitars

This is very daunting for most people. I found it very scary. I was always thinking, ‘this is my only guitar and it cost heaps’. Which held me back from doing more adventurous hacking. Nowadays guitars are super, super cheap. Getting a collection is not out of anyone’s reach. Getting a guitar to work on will be less than $100. Most of the time $100 guitars are playable.

I have a few guitars now and fixing them and setting them up is always happening. Well i’ve decided to document the repairs and upload the to this site and YouTube. My YouTube name is also MikMech and I’ll provide a link here

This site is here to help others get the knowledge and inspiration to do their own hacking and get good results. So hang anround and find out what GuitarHack is all about.