2016 Great Guitar Players

Dedicated to Great Guitar Players

First of our 2016 great guitar players is Daniele Bitetti.

A really under valued member of the great guitar players that puts his soul into everything he plays. Just listening to the sounds he produces and the natural effects is awesome. In the words of someone famous ‘Do yourself a favour and check him out’. He also shares his music through another youtube channel. His online presence is fairly low key for someone who plays as good as he does. He will take requests for original music under contract. I found him through another blogger who recommended him. The same that I am doing.

Another great guitar player is Alex K..

He make’s it into the list of Great guitar players because his sound is whatever he wants. He can be slow or shred as the following clip shows.

Have a listen


Another is Jack Broadbent

This guy is in a league all his own. His rhythm is catchy with a bit of knee slapping twang.
He also sings a few songs while he plays and mostly plays ‘slide blues’.

If you have other players that you think might make it into this list, leave a comment and a link to the site or place where I can listen to them. It would be preferable if they had a video put to the music. Not that a video needs to be a film clip. Just a visual to keep people interested. A song can be great untill you listen to it in the car and realise that the fun was in the video clip. There a many more players that deserve to be mentioned but no more for this page. I have left it to only three to keep it fresh. I can add more pages and post if I find more guitar players that need a shout out.

Great Guitar Players

Great Guitar Players

I have no monetary relationship with any of the people listed here. I get nothing in return for pointing them out to you. All I get is the satisfaction of spreading the word about great guitar players I find.

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