Guitar and Amp Giveaway 2017

3 to giveaway

Guitar and Amp Giveaway Who do you think deserves a free Guitar and Amp the most? This is not a competition to win a guitar. This is just a guitar and amp giveaway that is surplus gear. It can be individuals or organisations I’m not fussy :) Packages will be delivered by car, by me, […]

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How to install stainless steel frets

Three types of frets

Do you want stainless steel frets? Follow this tutorial to see how easy it is to install Stainless Steel Frets. They have a few advantages over normal alloy varieties. The main reason for upgrading them is durability followed by feel. They are at least twice as hard as normal frets and should last almost as […]

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Zoom G1on and B1Xon Guitar Bass Multi Effects Pedal

How to set up the Zoom G1on guitar effects pedal. The first thing to do is update the firmware to version 1.21. Updating the firmware on the zoom g1on guitar effects pedal is easy when you know what to do. Zoom are a little vague on details, so here goes. Unplug the zoom g1on guitar […]

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onboard electric guitar tuner

  This is the tutorial for installing your own onboard guitar tuner.   Exact copy of the guitar tuner that I have installed.   Fender Clip-On Tuner FT-004 for Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Violin, Mandolin, and Banjo

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Hacked Wiring

Link to the SVG file you can open in InkScape GuitarWiring.svg Link will open in a new window. If you want to save it just right click and ‘save as’.  

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